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with the badge.

The badge shows that specific venues, and promoters have qualified to represent their events on Bandwave. This certifies artists are being compensated fairly and protected by our services. In other words, it means this is a safe space for artists and event goers know exactly where their money is going.


Get the help you need.

Following Bandwave can help the artists you love in the following areas:

  •  Providing Fair Compensation

    Our services are designed to help provide independent artists with the means to setup legal contracts in order to add a layer of professionalism to their performances. We want to make sure artists are being treated consistently and fairly at all shows. Our services track sales digitally and help to ensure artists are paid what they are expecting for their performances in accordance with pre-aranged agreements with venues and promoters.
  •  Creating Legal Event Contracts

    Independent artists aren't usually lawyers, too many shows operate with no set contract and it is often determined after the night how an artist will be paid. We provide real legal templates for all of our artists. This ensures that they go into the venue they are performing with a realistic idea of how the show will operate or what they will be paid.
  •  Safe & Timely Payment

    Many times independent musicians are forced to wait until payments are sorted at the end of a night, in some cases artists have to wait many extra hours after performing to receive any payment. We guarentee artists are paid in accordance to real legal contracts with venues and promoters. The majority of our funds are handled digitally and it ensures that artists can be paid when they want in a secure and traceable manner.
  •  Detailed Event Analytics

    We show exactly how many show goers came to see which bands. This opens up a whole new world of analytics for artists when approaching venues and promoters to share their successes.
  •  Smart Online Ticketing

    We use smart digital systems to track ticket purchases and revenue to provide artists with detailed analytics not previously available such as who is at the show to see which artists and more. By doing this, we can make sure you are paid proportionately to your show's contract and we can guarentee payments are made without the artist having to wait all night.
    Still not sure how this all works?

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